Saturday, April 17, 2010

the chip segment 2

My birth name is Greg. For some reason myself and a few others still remebered their given names. We never spoke them unless it was a time of chip updates where things couldnt be monitored for a short period of time. My new government name is inmate black-10452. Even though we were on the outside they gave us numbers for names like we were inmates. They had us in a mental jail for years but now they have the tecnhology where it doesnt matter if we know or not because with the use of "the chip" they can turn off any resitance at will.

I was around at the beginning of the change. It started in 2012. It was like 1999 all over again, panic people spending money on survial supplies, and the only time white people diddnt want us to go back where we came from because it would be less room for them. The president, Juan Martinez the first mexican president,(yes the black one messed up that much we voted for a mexican one) just signed into law all type of nice benefits for every ameican citizen. He was trying to fix all the problems the first black president and the last 43 white presidents made and he succeded.

He signed one new policy that had sub policies. It sounded nice until in order for you to recieve the benefits you had to recieve what it was known then and known now as "the chip". Amercians lined up to recieve the chip like it was the cure for cancer aids and stupidity. Actually part of the benefits was the cure for cancer and aids..stupidty was one of the negetive benefits. All the lucky ones who opposed were viewd as terroist threats and were eliminated on sight. They were riduculed they what anybody today who has any of their own thoughts left wish they could be....

Life as a slave of technology isnt so bad. They had us set up in sections just as they did before "the chip" took over. They had the upper class where their chip restrictions were not as strict as lower class chips. The lower class chips had alot more rules to follow. They had to work longer hours and get paid less. They were forced They tried to erase that segment of our memories but they couldnt get everybody for some reason with the automatic update, so they have to get some of to live in run down areas that had destroyed due to "the war". Life was pretty much the same for us in lower class. Less money, less power, less shit to worry about expect in this day and age it was actually a good thing.

My best friend Brandon, well inmate-30452 (we called him 304 for short yes we still were able to clown eachother) worked in a factory that produced food. There were no more farms and the chemcials that we worked with had a negative affect on robots so we were lucky anough to be able to have a decent paying job. We diddnt get paid much but working helped to take our minds off of reality..or what they wanted us to believe was reality.

Brandon was a one of a kind person to meet in this time. Everybody had preset personilaties. He had many. Him and another buddy of ours found a way to hack "the chip" in limited ways just enough to be able to still realize we were human. Brandon could imitate anybody. All of the actors we grew up watching, rappers whatever. That was out bit of nostiglia that we hung on to when we had the chance.

the chip previously future ghetto

The year is 2050. Technology has advanced beyond human control. Robots and computers now watch our every move. They create our schedules. They tell us what to eat when to sleep and we even have chips that regualtes our bodies to tell us when to shit and piss so that we are more efficient during work hours. Our kids dont know us they only know what the chips allow us to say. Thats for the "regular" soceity. The a tottaly different story.

I imagine a future where the ghetto is still the ghetto. A more advanced ghetto though. Guns have been banned. They are sold like nuceler weapons.It is very rare that you hear about somebody being shot. You had to be a rich food smuggler in order to even own a gun.(Food smugglers replaced drug dealers because drugs are now legal) Bullets are even harder to find. That doesnt stop the ghetto folks. They found a way to make bullets out of a computer program. 4D bullets is what they called them. You could shoot a nigga with them and it seemed so real that they died...or at least they thought they did.

In this future ghetto world drugs are not even considered drugs anymore. The goverenment just renamed them energy substances (go figure). They found a way to refine crack to not put people though withdrawl. Heroine was considered a delicacy. If you saw somebody shooting up you would suck their dick thats how rare it was because it was so expensive. People were no longer called crackheads. The government redefined it as energy abusers.

Cigarettes went out of business. As soon as marijuana was legalized back in 2020 cigarettes stock fell in a week filed for bankruptcy in two r and they owners of the corportations were out selling cigarettes for food on the freeway in three.

There was a double edge sword to legalizing drugs. The goverenment had a substance that if you brok other laws the negative effects of drugs trippled. Withdrawls cold sweats dick sucking...all got trippled. Get caught without your mental liscense (more on that later) which happened alot in the ghetto, they automatically deducted money from your chip that was implanted in you. In the ghetto they also gave you that substance that the ghetto folks remnamed "dat shit". Then they followed it with a dose of crack cocaine in its purest form. See when your body is used to one thing and you give it another it starts messing with you real bad. Since they had everything hooked up to chips after they give you this drug they put you in a virtual world and have you sucking all types of digital dicks for more crack..they essentially set us back 100 years...again....this is life in the future ghetto